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Our Private Security Line is Designed to Meet the Safety Needs of Security Personnel to Executive Bodyguards!

Unlike other commercially available products, Bullet Defense provides this level of security in comfortable, everyday clothing – not just bulky vests with inserted plates. Our products are designed with the latest Kevlar ballistic fabric that’s 30% lighter, lasts up to 7 years and retails for a fraction of the industry investment.

Our products come with hidden adjustable velcro straps for a slim, snug fit with an additional 3 inches of Kevlar overlap down the middle to protect your heart and sternum. Our pants and shorts protect your legs and abdomen while we are the only company to provide seamless head protection. Bullet Defense products are lab-certified to NIJ-IIIA specifications with multiple product customizations available to tailor to individual brands and requirements. All research and development, sourced materials and manufacturing is proudly done within the United States.  

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Our customer service line and Live Chat Support is available 9:00 - 5:00PM PST, Monday - Friday.


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