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Happy Veterans Day!

We would like to thank and honor everyone who served and is currently serving. For your service, your sacrifice and your hard work. Thank you for all you have done. At Bullet Defense, we want to protect those who protect us. Happy Veterans Day!  

Bulletproof Pants: Why They’re Important

Bulletproof Vests Save Lives, but What Happens When Officers are Shot in the Head or Legs? October 23, 2019 Local 21 News in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania reported last week that Officer Timothy Shea was shot in the leg while responding to a domestic violence call....

Wonder Hoodie Launches Bullet Defense

Wonder Hoodie Launches Commercial Division Bullet Defense to Provide Soft Body Armor Solutions to Public Safety and Government Agencies, Campus Environments, Private Security, Field Personnel and Sports and Outdoor Enthusiasts. Palo Alto, CA, Release: October 17,...