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 Wonder Hoodie <> BulletDefense

After a deadly neighborhood shooting that shook her to the core, our founder searched the internet for practical and affordable bulletproof options to purchase for her mother and younger brother. The options she found were not desirable for daily use; limited mostly to grown men and were very expensive – some even exceeding $3,000.  

Frustrated, she set out to design her own. Wonder Hoodie has since grown and is broadening their product offerings to meet the needs of public safety, campus environments, field workers, military, private security and outdoor enthusiasts. As a result, Bullet Defense was born, a division of Wonder Hoodie to service the exponential demand of clients with our world-class, American made products. 

Our company and products have been featured on FOX, ABC and NBC as well as several other media outlets and industry publications.  

What makes our bulletproof clothing different?

We’re shaking up the body armor industry, making it possible for everyone to protect their bodies and head from bullet and knife threats. 100% USA Made and sourced, our bulletproof panels contain the latest ballistic fabric that’s 30% lighter and lasts up to 7 years (2 years longer than the other guys). No rectangular panels to ‘insert’ into silly pockets like other competitors; our detachable bulletproof vest design (patent-pending) conforms to the torso, allows for mix-matching of new styles, removes the bulk seen from traditional body armor, and overlaps 3-inches down the chest to protect your heart, and to stay in place when the going gets tough.


USA-Made, Minority Owned, and Mission Driven

We’re headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and manufacture all of our products from our Los Angeles design and production facility. Our full line of bulletproof and knife resistant clothing is 100% Made in America and fueled by ethical labor practices. 


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Our customer service line and Live Chat Support is available 9:00 - 5:00PM PST, Monday - Friday.


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